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- A manual wheelchair is a lightweight mobility device designed to help people with disabilities get around.
- It has a frame made of aluminum or titanium, large rear wheels with handrails, and a seat and backrest made of durable materials.
- The footrests can be adjusted or removed, and the chair has brakes for safety.
- They are designed for users of different weights, and their load capacity usually ranges from 250 to 350 pounds.


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Frame: The frame of a manual wheelchair is usually made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium, making it easy to maneuver and transport.

Handrims: The large rear wheels of a manual wheelchair are equipped with handrims, which the user can grip to propel the chair forward or backward.

Push handles: Manual wheelchairs often have push handles at the back to allow caregivers or companions to push the chair.

Seat and backrest: The seat and backrest of a manual wheelchair are usually made of durable materials such as nylon or vinyl, and can be adjusted to accommodate the user's height and weight.

Footrests: Most manual wheelchairs have footrests that can be adjusted or removed to accommodate the user's needs.

Brakes: Manual wheelchairs have brakes that can be engaged to keep the chair stationary.

Folding: Manual wheelchairs can be easily folded for storage or transportation, which makes them convenient for travel.

Weight capacity: Manual wheelchairs are designed to accommodate users of different weights, with weight capacities typically ranging from 250 to 350 pounds.

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